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In some cases, individuals with HOCD experiment with homosexual relationships or adopt gay lifestyles because of doubt about their heterosexuality.This doubt causes them to leave their current spouses/partners, “come out,” and begin to date same sex individuals.Anxiety, distress, and confusion are often part of this process.This post is not about the anxiety associated with being gay or with “coming out” but instead discusses homosexual OCD (“HOCD”), an anxiety disorder that affects a small number of individuals.However, the same basic elements are directly applicable to all people with obsessive doubts about their sexual orientation.People with HOCD worry that they might secretly be gay or might become gay, despite not questioning their sexuality in the past.Homosexual OCD typically has elements that parallel checking, contamination, and Pure-O OCD.

In order to avoid symptom triggers, it’s not uncommon for people with homosexual OCD to become depressed and drop out of school, quit their jobs, end relationships, or make other life-altering decisions that paradoxically make their symptoms worse.Straight individuals with homosexual OCD experience obsessive fears about the possibility of being gay.Their HOCD obsessions often consist of unwanted thoughts, impulses, or images that uncontrollably pop into consciousness.This is harmful because every time an unwanted thought is avoided or neutralized, it is reinforced and becomes more likely to become activated again in the future.Avoidance and rituals thus prevent the occurrence of corrective learning experiences that would ultimately cause these unwanted thoughts to decrease in frequency and intensity. ” These are important questions that you might wish to discuss with your therapist.

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