Millonare dating separated dating kids

I have friends who enjoy this show and that is what they get a kick out of...

watching guys who should settle for sweet, less attractive, less interesting women pay a faux-madame to set them up with porn stars, strippers, and struggling actresses who one day might be porn stars and strippers.

Lady pimp Patti and her oddball Disney villain looking sidekicks shriek, belittle and harangue their way through potential clients as much as livestock for the bemusement and horror of daytime TV viewers.

Those brave enough to step into the Thunderdome must abide by the rules or face summary verbal rape.

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The Millionaire Matchmaker is (apparently) paid big bucks for her expertise in matching up clients.

If that shallow, air-headed bimbo cheerleader in high school had her own show, this would be it.

Patti Stanger is a pimptress who services the wealthy. Patti meets Kevin, a douche bag movie producer who produced crap movies, cheats on the women he objectifies, and is in his 40's. Five Minutes later, Patti is on the phone raving about Kevin as a "great guy" that would be "perfect for her".

The answer is that she really is the Millionaire Pimptress Case closed. Apparently, men are nothing more than walking wallets, and women are nothing more than brainless gold-diggers.

Why should women have to work at all, the thinking goes, if they can just find a gullible sugar-daddy instead?

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