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But, as a rule, men seem to be less shy about talking about masturbation than women. Kind of sexy in a group sex sort of way, til you look at your actual fingers and realise just how far they differ from The Pussycat Dolls.

However, you’re unlikely to hear a British lad actually use the word masturbate or its more flowery cousin, onanism. In the red corner we have you and your hand tonight.

And he said that if I wanted to talk to him, we could arrange to meet in a park. He then went away on a business trip/ vacation and while he was gone, he started texting me.

At first, it was innocent enough and regarded work stuff, but then he asked me for a selfie.

I had recently moved to the area and did not have much of a support group.

A mid-40s married male colleague in a leadership role was very kind to me, and I felt he really facilitated my integration into the company (e.g.

Did you know that the average man masturbates roughly 15,000 times a day? Sounds like the sort of thing a very hard-working architect would, with a sigh, add to his extensive to do list after a long day of complex mathematics and technical drawing.

Not really, of course, there is no average, all lads are different, as are all girls. Have a date with Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters Bit old school this one – probably best known for its inclusion in the lyrics of the 1978 ditty The Winker’s Song (misprint) by Ivor Biggun. Too violent to be number one as best masturbation metaphor, surely?

I am over it now and have become very close to someone at work.But my female friends find this off putting and one said I had an emotional affair.I know it’s done and over, but for a while I was terrified that I would get fired or feel pressured to leave, if his wife found the texts.That’s because we have some fantastic metaphors for it. Wax the dolphin Dolphins are cute and lovely and intelligent. Your penis is religion and you, via the medium of self-abuse, are single-handedly taking down a centuries-old patriarchal institution! What has he done that deserves such an action, an action which would undoubtedly get you in trouble with the RSPCA, PETA and The Monkey Sanctuary to name just a few? I wish I could tell you its etymology but the origin is unknown.

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