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Spiritually, however, the parish received the assignment of Fr. Vladimir Alexandrov (1898-1905), missionaries who not only ministered to our congregation, but, using it as a base, tirelessly served Orthodox communities in Cle Elum, Wilkeson, Portland and in various parts of Canada, often serving the Liturgy for several thousand people at a time. Since a large proportion of the congregation spoke Greek as their native language, the Russian mission saw to it that most of the early rectors were proficient in that language as well as Russian and English.It is a matter of record that the first Orthodox services in Canada were celebrated by Fr. One of the resources open to the Russian Church was the number of priests who came from Greek-Russian families in the Crimea. Michael Andreades was one of those and ministered to St. Trilingual and comfortable in both Russian and Greek cultures, Fr.Sebastian’s sermon in English which was an eloquent presentation of the claims of the Orthodox faith and its church.According to the newspaper account, the church counted over 100 members “about half of whom are native-born Americans.” Fr. Mornings of Great Feasts Confessions are normally heard following Saturday evening vespers or by appointment.Since Orthodox church tradition prescribes that the altar should be in the east end of a church building, the result was that congregation had to enter the church from the west end which hung out over the ravine.

Traditional moving services, or self-service movers, will help you in loading and unloading your items on each end of the move but they will not assist in packing or set-up. Life was relatively bleak for many of the first Orthodox in these parts and they jumped at the chance to form a church when it was offered to them by the Russian bishop in San Francisco via an itinerant missionary, Fr. Services are held morning and evening all week long during Holy Week, beginning with Friday evening before Lazarus Saturday, and ending with the midnight service of Great and Holy Pascha. In the late 1800’s, composed overwhelmingly of young men in their mid-twenties, many of whom were emigrants from Greece, Russia, Serbia and the Near East, mostly loggers, fishermen, cooks and waiters, Saint Spiridon’s Cathedral was the heir to both the longing for the faith and culture of the members’ countries of origin and an amazing missionary strategy on the part of Russian churchmen half a world away.The newcomers, like the original core of Saint Spiridon’s were largely young people in their early to mid twenties, many of whom joined the little church on Lakeview Boulevard. Alexander was a familiar figure at the docks, meeting boats as they arrived from ports in the Russia Far East or China, finding jobs for many, providing others with shelter and seeing to it that qualified students were placed at the University of Washington. Alexander was transferred to Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco in 1923 he was replaced by Fr.Nicholas Mitropolsky, who faithfully ministered here until 1930. Nicholas was sent from Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago, and was very experienced in the process of helping to settle refugees. Nicholas had been an interpreter on Ellis Island prior to his ordination to the priesthood. Nicholas was faced with the beginnings of what would be both St.

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