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It is only after she feels that connection will she let her guard down and be much more open to continuing the conversation. When a girl meets you she has trouble differentiating you from the hundreds of other guys who have approached her over her life.It is a tmie management tool for her to group you in with all of them and reject you.

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The best way to do this is provide” hooks” for you to chime in.and you’ll naturally find yourself talking to women wherever you are. You must choose a conversation topic that will allow her to relate to you in some way.This will give you an opportunity to build trust, and foster a connection with her. Most of us walk around in what I refer to as “a boredom trance.” Every day life keeps us defunct of any real emotions. This is why the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business. If you choose conversation topics that ignite these lost or repressed “positive” emotions, the woman you are talking to will be putty in your fingers. A good topic should make you appear three dimensional.she will likely steer the conversation towards something “safe” and “boring.” (and you’ll likely catch her giving one of your mates a hand job an hour later) But ultimately the most important reason to have pocket full of “sexy” topics you can whip out at any time is that it will provide you with a level of “conversational confidence” that will power you talk to a lot more women.The number one fear that holds most men back from approaching a woman they are interested in is the fear of awkward silences and running out of things to say…

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