Battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating ps3

Some games it’s not so bad that you can filter it out, but here it’s impossible to miss. In those arenas you can make some situational assessments but a strategic approach doesn’t mean much of anything.

Without any meaningful stealth options, enemy encounters always turn into firefights.

A more subtle implementation takes place in one of the water-based maps. The resultant waves toss your watercraft of choice around brutally, making it hard to steer and even harder to aim.

This changes gameplay drastically, moving what might’ve been a sea battle onto land just to be able to get a bead on your opponent.

I thought this was the way it was supposed to happen until the game gave me an achievement for the “choice” I’d made.

If Battlefield 4 was only a single-player game, it might end up on my Worst of 2013 list with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Levolution is a great feature in most levels, changing the flow of the battle and adding new hiding places.

The multiplayer is the important part and it’s what keeps gamers coming back year after year.The enemy throws these grenades at you anytime you duck behind something and they always land, with pinpoint accuracy, right between your feet.That is, aside from firing guns directly at you, literally the only tactic I encountered from enemy AI during the course of the campaign.If you’re not the best shot, you can focus on capturing these points using stealth and speed to get to and retain the points while other players do the shooting.If you don’t want to stand around waiting, you can hop in a tank, helicopter, or any number of other vehicles to capture and defend points.

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